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Addicting table decoration

You just can't stop poking the ring!
Author: MD, Viersen, Germany
Online since: 03/03/2009, Number of visits: 577215
My table decoration consists of two pieces of wood. A ring magnet that is tied down on the bottom floats in between the two pieces. It's not hard to guess that there is also a magnet in the wood on top.
What's fascinating, though, is that the attraction works over such an unbelievable distance - in this case more than five centimetre!
Similar application from the deal lab Zahnfleiss in Eggenstein:

An approx. 8,5 g "floating tooth" was produced and used in a marketing campaign to win over new customers.
A ring magnet (R-10-04-05-G) is embedded in the tooth. On the top and the bottom of the frame disc magnets (S-20-10-N) are embedded, which make the tooth float.
If you have this object on your desk, you'll always feel compelled to make the ring wobble... (see video)
It is visually impressive when the top wood is just slightly bigger than the magnet inside. This way, the magnet appears smaller and the large distance impresses even more.

Material needed:

  • 2 disc magnets S-20-10-N
  • 1 ring magnet R-10-04-05-G
  • a plywood board of 18 mm thickness
  • a round wood stick
  • wood glue
  • a piece of transparent thread
  • a wire hook
First, use a 20 mm drill to drill a hole for the disc magnet into the plywood.
I made three of them at once, but one is fine too.
In order to get the bottom wood to 2 - 3 mm thickness, you can deepen the hole with a router.
Place the magnet tentatively in the hole. Then, take it out again and fine down the wood until the magnet is flush with the wood.
Roughly cut the wood.
Cut a thin piece of wood at the same length and width as the top.
Countersink the magnet in the hole and then glue the top on it.
Let it dry well.
Place a second disc magnet on the wood and mark the position of the magnet inside the wood with a pencil.
Saw off the wood close to the magnet on both sides, but leave about 2 -3 mm wood to the left and the right. Watch out for the attraction between magnet and circular saw blades.
Sand down the wood on all sides.
The disc magnet is at the bottom of the left piece of wood.
The disc magnet is at the bottom of the left piece of wood.
Prepare a similar piece of wood for the base. Drill about 1 cm deep holes into the base and the top wood for the round wood stick.
The distance between the wood pieces should be about 11 cm. At this distance, the ring magnet can float around the center.
Cut the round wood stick at the appropriate length and sand it down.
Put a little bit of wood glue in the holes and put the round wood stick in them.
Let it dry well.
Push the wire hook into the base, tie the thread to the ring magnet and then tie it at a height where the ring still steadily gravitates towards the disc magnet.

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