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Bits handy on the electric screwdriver

Screws of various sizes? No problem - The right bit is right here
Author: Tom Rachui, Halle / Saale, Germany
Online since: 16/12/2010, Number of visits: 317394
General problem: It often happens that you have to screw in screws of various sizes one after the other. The suitable bit always happens to be far away in some box. Then it goes again: "Mom, where is the blue box with the...?"
Solution #1: You can search in your pants pocket between coins, gum, screws and keys for the right bit.
Solution #2: You have 15 electric screwdrivers with different bits dangling from your work jacket.
Solution #3: You find a planet on which all screws require the same bit size and order from there.
Solution #4: You look for an office job.
My solution: Thread a small white cable tie through a countersunk pot magnet CSN-25 and a loop that is already part of many electric screwdrivers. Tighten - cut off the end - done! Time investment: 10 seconds!
With the CSN-25 you can easily have 15 bits on "standby". You can still use your electric screwdriver just fine. And the bits stay on even when it gets "rough".
For 3 years now I am happy with my little idea :-)
Note from the supermagnete team:
  • We also offer ready-to-use magnetic helpers in the group Workshop. Some of them are linked below.
  • You could also attach the appropriate screws along with the right bits to this countersunk pot magnet.
  • A similar application is the project Screws supply readily available, which could also be realized with bits.

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