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Design your own gift box

Create your own magnetic box
Author: supermagnete, Uster
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With expensive products and gifts, the packaging significantly adds to a positive impression for the buyer or the recipient. In contrast to simple cardboard packaging or wrapping paper, a magnetic box can be reused as needed. For example, as a gift box for other presents or for storing "bits and bobs". Gift boxes with magnetic closures not only look sophisticated but are also easy to make yourself in designs to match your personal taste. We will show you one option of how you can create a personalised magnetic box.

Table of Contents

Materials needed

This magnetic box consists of two pieces: the box itself and the lid. To craft the magnetic box, you will need the following materials:

Instructions for making your gift box in 10 steps

Step 1: Cut the cardboard pieces for the box

Use thin, sturdy cardboard for the gift box that can be easily cut with a box cutter. Suitable are craft cardboard or the cardboard back of writing pads.
Cut the pieces to the desired size. The opposite sides should be the same size. For our magnetic box, we used the following dimensions:
  • Bottom: 18 x 12 cm
  • Short sidewalls: 12 x 6 cm
  • Long sidewalls: 18,3 x 6 cm

Step 2: Make a recess for the magnet

Mark the recess for the magnet in the middle of the longer sidewall and cut the hole so that the magnet can be embedded. The hole should not go all the way through.

Step 3: Tape the pieces together

Now use adhesive tape to tape the individual pieces to the bottom piece in such a way that you can still fold the sidewalls into a box. Make sure the side with the indentation for the magnet is facing out.

Step 4: Fold the paper for the inner lining

Use the taped cardboard pieces as a template to trace the outline of the inner lining on the paper. Cut it out completely and fold the paper into the correct shape.

Step 5: Tape the box together and add the inside lining

Now bend the sidewalls upward to form the finished box and tape them on the outside with adhesive tape, making sure the edges are lined up nicely.
Next, glue the paper for the inner lining inside the box. We recommend using a glue roller to prevent the paper from curling.

Step 6: Attach the magnetic closure

Use the magnet adhesive to glue the neodymium magnet into the indentation you created for it. Leave your creation to dry overnight.

Step 7: Cover the outside of the magnetic box with paper

Lastly, cover the outside of the box with paper too. Select a colour of your choice. You could use the same colour as on the inside of the box or choose a different colour or even patterned paper.
As before, use the box as a template, tipping it in all directions and tracing the sides as you go. To glue the paper neatly, we recommend adding tabs which you can then fold over the edges.

Step 8: Prepare the lid

All that is missing is the lid for the magnetic box. You will need more cardboard, which you cut into four pieces. This type of lid with magnetic closure wraps around the box. If you used the measurements from step 1 for the gift box, use the following measurements:
  • Bottom: 19.2 x 12,8 cm
  • Lid: 19,2 x 12,8 cm
  • Sidewall: 19,2 x 6,1 cm
  • Closure: 19,2 x 4,5 cm and tapered to a point

As with the box itself, you need to make another recess for the second magnet. Make sure the cutouts are directly on top of each other. Before glueing it in, check the orientation of the magnet to ensure both magnets attract each other.
Next, place the four pieces on a piece of paper in the colour of your choice. Leave some space between the pieces. Now cut the shape out in one piece, adding tabs on the sides here too.

Step 9: Cover the lid with paper

Glue the cardboard pieces for the lid of the magnetic box to the paper with the glue roller. Make sure the cardboard is aligned with the crease. This way, the lid can be easily folded later.

After it has dried, turn the lid over and glue paper to the cardboard pieces on this side as well. For the inside of the lid, however, you do not need to add any tabs.

Step 10: Add the lid to the magnetic box

To finish, apply glue to the bottom of the magnetic box and press it onto the large part of the lid. Make sure the box is glued on straight and aligned with the crease. Repeat this step with the back wall of the magnetic box.
That’s it, your personalised gift box is finished! If you like, decorate the magnetic box further by adding patterns, drawings or stickers.

Possible uses for the magnetic box

Depending on the size of the finished magnetic box, different items can be stored in it or given away. Put your gift on tissue paper to give the whole arrangement a touch of elegance.

A few examples:

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