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Fishing game for children

Magnetic fishing rod for different occasions
Author: supermagnete, Uster
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Table of Contents
The fishing game with a magnetic fishing rod is an entertaining activity for children and provides a lot of fun at children's birthday parties or in kindergarten. The fishing game can also be played at weddings in a slightly modified version for adults. Ideas for different game variations can be found below. With foamed rubber, felt and a few other materials, you can create the fun DIY fishing game with little effort. We show you how to do this in a step-by-step tutorial.

Materials needed

For the fishing pole:
For the fish:


First, draw your design on the felt or foamed rubber, then cut it out.
For the felt designs, we decided to cut out two identical shapes, then stitched them together. This makes them a lot more substantial.
When using foamed rubber, remember to include a small loop in your design, which can later be used to attach the washer. This loop is not needed if you decide to add a paper clip to your foamed rubber fish.
In the next step, metal discs, washers or paper clips are attached to the fishing game pieces.
Self-adhesive metal discs are suitable for felt shapes. Remove the protective film from the metal disc and firmly press it onto the felt. You could use two metal discs for larger shapes, which will make fishing for them a little easier.
If you want to attach a washer to a foamed rubber piece, pull the small loop through the washer and sew it on with needle and thread. As an alternative, you could use a straightened paper clip. Push it through the foamed rubber, then pinch it together so it doesn’t fall off.
If you chose felt as the material, use this step to stitch the two sides of your design together. You can do this either by hand or with a sewing machine. To better illustrate, we chose a thread of contrasting colour. You, of course, can use a thread in the colour of your choice.
Next, decorate the fish and other shapes for the fishing game. For example, you could glue on googly eyes with UHU adhesive. Or cut embellishments out of felt or foamed rubber, then glue or sew them on. Those who prefer a minimalist approach can simply skip the decorations.
Lastly, attach a piece of string to the wooden rod and tie the ring magnet the other end. To be on the safe side, cut a small notch around the wooden rod so the string doesn’t slip out of position. Also, make sure to use secure knots when you tie on the magnet, so it doesn’t suddenly fall off during fishing.

Feel free to paint the wooden rod with acrylic paint to make your fishing rod one of a kind. And with that, your fishing game is ready for use! Of course, children can not only cast a line for fish and other small animals, but also for small presents. Simply attach one or two small metal plates to the gift before wrapping it. This will notably increase the excitement when playing the fishing game and add lots of fun to a children’s birthday party.

Game variations

How you play the fishing game depends on the age of the children. Below, we would like to suggest a few possible game variations as inspiration.
Fishing blind
Put the fish and other items in a tall pot or bucket, which you decorated. As an alternative, you could also fashion some type of aquarium out of a tall cardboard box. Each child is allowed to fish once, without being able to see the fish. The winner of the fishing game could be determined, for example, by points or by the number of fish caught (see below).
Awarding points
Each fish or small animal is assigned a point value before the start of the game. You could either paint those directly on the animal or write them down on a piece of paper. Now one child after the other casts the magnetic fishing pole until there are no more fish or small animals left. The child with the most points wins.
Counting fish
Instead of awarding different points during the fishing game, you could simply count the number of fish caught. This game variation is especially well suited for younger children.
Timed fishing
For this variation of the fishing game, each player receives their own magnetic fishing pole. The aim here is to catch as many fish as possible within a certain time limit. The degree of difficulty can be increased by fishing “blind” as described above.
The fishing game as a wedding game
In this version, vouchers and promissory notes are prepared for the bride and groom. Write them on pieces of paper, then fold the notes. Add a paper clip to each note. During the wedding reception have each guest draw a note and write their names on the voucher / promissory note.
At the beginning of the game, place the notes on a larger surface, blindfold the bride and hand her a magnetic fishing pole. The aim of the game for the bride is to catch as many notes as possible within a predetermined time period. The groom will guide her with his voice. Next, it is the groom’s turn to go fishing. At the end of the game, the caught vouchers and promissory notes are read to the wedding guests.

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