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Illuminated Magnet Spheres

A decorative wall object that puts super magnets in the limelight
Author: Heiko Specking, Zürich, Switzerland
Online since: 21/02/2008, Number of visits: 327624
I create decorative wall lights which run on batteries and therefore require no electricity. These lights can be turned on or off depending on mood and light conditions. The light-emitting diodes create a completely new dimension in and around the piece of art and generate a reaction with the space which opens up within the piece. Since discovering super magnets a few years ago, I have often used them in my art works, particularly to hide the fitting of the back covers.
Art by zinnkraut:
Art by zinnkraut: "Beads in Light", magnetic spheres over opal glass, doubly illuminated, 28 x 25 cm, Zurich 2005
Enthused by your super magnets I then created an original piece of art in which the magnetic spheres take center stage. On the right and the left of the picture I glued 2 large sphere magnets behind the wood frame, then I "beaded" a row of smaller magnetic spheres across the surface.
The row of beads is illuminated from below by two mini LED spotlights and from behind the opal glass by a blue light. Each light source is individually controlled. The spheres hang freely between both magnetic poles as if on a string.

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