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Light sculptures

Atmospheric lighting thanks to unique effects
Author: Giancarlo Venturini, Capannori, Italy
Online since: 05/03/2019, Number of visits: 114606
From our customer Giancarlo Venturini we received these impressive pictures of his handmade light sculptures. He created the luminous sculptures from various types of steel - from corten steel to satin-finished steel to painted steel. In addition, he has used oxidised copper foil for some of his sculptures, which provides an intense blue-green patina. The smallest of his light sculptures measure just 40 x 25 cm and stand on an elegant steel base. The largest sculptures reach dimensions of up to 170 x 45 cm and stand on blocks of bright tuff.
You wonder where our magnets are used in Mr. Venturini's light sculptures? They only become visible when you look at the sculptures from the side. The individual steel elements are held together by disc magnets of varying sizes. This makes it possible to create different distances between the individual steel plates, as you can see in the picture. The sculpture can thus be assembled without any bolts, rivets or screws. Even unattractive welding seams are not visible. The assembly of the sculptures is therefore extremely practical and is aesthetically pleasing. Because of the magnets, the steel plates appear to be almost weightless.
If you are interested in one of these fascinating light sculptures, please contact Mr. Venturini by e-mail ([email protected]).

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