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Magnets as tablecloth weights

This table cloth won't move even with strong winds
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Table of Contents

Securing a tablecloth on a thin tabletop

Customer A. Miller from Germany writes:
Very small magnets are sufficient for securing a table runner on the thin tabletops of Solpuri garden furniture (approx. 6–7 mm thick), even during strong winds. Regular table clasps don't work for these thin tabletops and, for us, magnets are a great alternative to the classic tablecloth weights.
We used 8 cone magnets type CN-15-08-06-N - 4 on top and 4 on the underside of the thin ceramic tabletop. The cone magnets match the simple elegance of the table and are strong enough to secure the table runner, even though there is a space of at least a 6-mm between them.

Attaching a tablecloth to a thick wooden table

Customer Davide Palma from Turin (Italien)
We like to eat on our wooden table outside. Unfortunately, we often experience sudden wind gusts that blow the tablecloth off the table. Generally, you can attach the tablecloth with some plastic clips, but that doesn't work for us because our table is much too thick for these clips.

Hence, I drove an iron nail with a big head in each of the four table corners (see picture).
Now we can put a tablecloth on the table and attach a medium sphere magnet K-13-C each to the table where the nails are.
This way, the tablecloth stays put even when the wind is blowing and the garden party can go ahead as planned.

Opportunities for optimisation

Note from the supermagnete team:
  • Our neodymium magnets are generally not made for outdoor use. Please take down the magnets after each use and bring them inside. Or even better: You can use water-proff magnets that can stay outdoors permanently.
  • Instead of a nail you can glue or screw small metal plates of the right size on the table
  • If you have a metal garden table, you can also use magnets for fastening the tablecloth: Just snap the magnets over the tablecloth onto the table wherever it suits you best.
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