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Presenting camera tripods

Original and space-saving presentation of tripods
Author: Chris Gielen, Gielenreclame (http://gielenreclame.nl), Valkenswaard, Netherlands, [email protected]
Online since: 16/04/2012, Number of visits: 257112
Our customer de greef en partner sells Velbon camera tripods and asked us to come up with a way to present those nicely on a shelf.
We ordered your pot magnets with screw socket TCN-32 and connected the magnets with the screw of the tripods. Unfortunately, the thread of the hook magnet didn't match the screw size (English measurement), so we had to enlarge the thread with a suitable thread cutter. We used a pillar drilling machine for that. Thereafter, the tripod screw and the hook magnet connected perfectly.
You can now attach the tripods conveniently to the top of a metal shelf. This solution is not just inventive but also extremely space-saving.