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How can I hang pictures and posters without drilling holes?

In many cases, magnets are great for hanging pictures and posters on a wall or other surfaces without the need for nails, drawing pins or drilling holes. Below, we will show you a variety of products you can use to display pictures and posters on a wall without unsightly holes.
Please note that magnets do not achieve the specified maximum adhesive force when attached to a wall because of the occurring shear forces. The remaining displacement force is shown in the technical data of our magnets.
Table of Contents

Placement on walls, wooden cabinets, windows, etc.

Magnetic paint

Magnetic paint is great for hanging lightweight photos or posters on a wall. This option is, however, not suited for heavier pictures – self-adhesive metal strips are a better choice for that type of application (see below). First, apply the magnetic paint to the wall according to the instructions. Afterwards, if you prefer, you can paint over the magnetic paint with white or coloured dispersion paint.
Next, glue 3-4 disc magnets to the back of each of your photos. It’s even easier if you use self-adhesive magnets. And that’s it; now you can hang your photos any way you like. This mounting application allows you to change the appearance of your picture wall again and again without much effort.

Self-adhesive metal discs

With self-adhesive metal discs, you can create a suitable surface for magnets in no time at all. The most important requirement for this method: The surface on which you would like to place the metal disc must be as smooth as possible for the adhesive of the disc to reach its full strength. Whether you choose this mounting option to display pictures on a wall, door or mirror is entirely up to you.
To attach pictures with this method, you will need 4 self-adhesive metal discs and 4 disc magnets for each picture. Ideally, you should place the metal discs so that they will be located behind each corner of the picture. Next, hold the picture up to the mounted metal discs and attach the magnets over top. You can find additional useful tips under the FAQ about adhesives.

Self-adhesive ferrous tapes and metal tapes

Ferrous tapes and metal tapes are other practical solutions for attaching posters or photos to a wall with the help of magnets. Thanks to the self-adhesive cushioning foam, they will hold on smooth as well as textured walls.
Cut the tape to the desired size, pull off the protective film on the back and firmly press the tape onto the wall. To ensure optimal adhesion, let the adhesive dry for at least 72 hours and do not attach anything to the tape while the glue is setting. Afterwards, you can use magnets to hang small posters, photos, notes, drawings etc.


The mouldable glue Sugru is truly a multi-tasker. Use it to repair things, glue them together, form hooks or hang pictures on a wall. At first, Sugru feels like putty and can be moulded into any shape. After 24 hours, the putty will be completely hardened and extremely durable.
Already a small amount of Sugru is enough for lightweight photos and posters. Open the packaging and roll the putty into small balls. Firmly press them onto the back of the photo or poster, and then press it onto the wall. For picture frames, we recommend you use two or more pieces of Sugru, depending on the size of the frame. With the help of a sharp knife, Sugru can be removed without leaving any residue.

Silwy Nano-Gel-Pads

Hanging photos, posters and postcards could not be any easier than with the nano-gel-pads from silwy. Inside the pad is a flexible metal sheet to which magnets will adhere. The pads are covered with synthetic leather on the front and have a special gel layer on the back. This allows you to remove these clever pads from almost any surface without leaving any residue and re-use them as often as you like.
Some of the nano-gel-pads are available as complete sets with magnets. Or you can buy just the pads and combine them with strong magnets of your choice.

Self-adhesive metal strips

On self-adhesive metal strips, you can easily attach pictures and posters with magnets. Lightweight photos and posters can be hung with colourful refrigerator magnets or discreet neodymium magnets.
To attach pictures to a metal strip you will need stronger magnets. Suitable for this type of application are, for example, screw-on magnets, channel magnets or countersunk pot magnets. Depending on the strength needed, screw one or two of these magnets onto the back of a wooden picture frame. Now you can mount your picture on the metal strip with the help of the magnets – all without having to drill any holes in the wall. This method is also ideal for displaying a picture on other metal surfaces.

Placement on metal surfaces

Magnetic dots

Magnetic dots are the no. 1 product for invisible poster mountings. The self-adhesive dots are available in round or square versions, and you always receive them on a sheet with several dots. This way, you will have enough magnetic dots to not only hang posters but also photos, postcards and drawings. Please note that depending on the size and weight, you should attach several adhesive dots to the desired item to ensure it adheres well.

Magnetic adhesive tape

Magnetic adhesive tape comes in various lengths, widths and strengths. Using scissors, you can cut it to the required size in no time at all. The adhesive tape with neodymium is so strong that, depending on the mounting surface (a metal cabinet is ideal, for example), it can even hold medium-sized picture frames and other decorations.

Self-adhesive magnets

Self-adhesive magnets are a great solution for hanging art prints, posters and small to medium-sized picture frames. You can choose from round and square magnets; either with adhesive film or a very strong adhesive foam, both by 3M.
Make sure that you press the self-adhesive magnets on firmly. Once glued on, leave the magnets to rest for a day (72 hours would be even better) so that the glue can dry. After that, you may hang your poster or picture.

Magnets with L-hooks

Pot magnets with L-hooks or rubberised magnet systems with L-hooks are extremely practical for hanging pictures on ferromagnetic surfaces. Choose a suitable L-hook magnet depending on the specific attributes and the weight of your picture frame. Relevant to your selection is the stated displacement force, which corresponds to the maximum weight of your picture. In addition, you should also pay attention to the length and thickness of the metal hook and measure the depth of the frame. This ensures that the picture does not stick out too much from the wall and that the magnet is concealed as much as possible.

Magnetic clips

So far, we have shown you many options for invisibly attaching your posters with the help of magnets. Now, we would like to suggest another, more decorative way. That’s because you can also use magnetic clips to hang posters, drawings, etc., without any nails or drawing pins. The magnetic clips are available in different colours and sizes, ideal for adding a decorative touch.