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How should I correctly dispose of magnets?

Small amounts of disused magnets can be discarded with your regular household rubbish. Larger quantities should be taken to a scrap metal recycling centre. To be sure, confirm with local authorities how the disposal is regulated in your area. You also have the option to send magnets purchased from supermagnete.ro back to us.
If you want to do a good deed for the environment and help preserve the so-called rare earth metals (neodymium, dysprosium) contained in these magnets, you can return the magnets purchased from us. Please send the magnets in a protected package with sufficient postage to the following address:
Webcraft GmbH
Magnet Recycling
Industriepark 206
78244 Gottmadingen

Magnet take-back programme Magcycle

At supermagnete, we utilise the magnet boxes of the Magcycle magnet take-back programme offered by the German company Rocklink GmbH. We use them to store magnet scrap collected from product returns and then send the full boxes back to Rocklink GmbH. The company is committed to recycling magnets properly with the help of this magnet take-back programme. The rare earth elements are recovered through sophisticated recycling processes and reused to produce new permanent magnets.

Correct disposal of ferrofluid

Our popular ferrofluid can be discarded in the same way as engine oil. Small amounts you may have used for your experiments can be soaked up with paper towels and disposed of in the household rubbish.

For other interesting information about the product, please visit our FAQ page on ferrofluid.