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Which magnets can be used for school experiments?

For experiments with children 10 years and older, we recommend our articles in the category Experiments & School. The magnets listed there are made of the significantly weaker AlNiCo, which greatly reduces the risk of injury. Other products in this category can be used to visualise magnetic fields, which boosts the understanding of magnetism.

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Practical magnet applications

Interesting and educational projects (experiments and crafts) for pupils aged 10 years and older can also be found among our customer projects. Pupils can learn how to handle magnets responsibly, but of course, always under the supervision of a teacher.

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Safety tips

We often receive questions from teachers as to which magnets they should use for crafts and experiments with children.
Our most important safety tip "swallowing" deals with the safety of children. We take this subject very seriously and discourage giving neodymium magnets to children under 14. Besides the danger of swallowing, smaller children could put smaller magnets into outlets and receive an electric shock (see electrical conductivity). With larger magnets children could jam a finger and get hurt that way (see contusions). Therefore, children under 10 years should under no circumstances handle magnets.