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Magnetic dots 'Element Flex Dot' self-adhesive

self-adhesive surfaces for magnets, 28 dots, in various colours, not magnets!

Item number LIV-167
Unit of Sale 1 piece
Brand: Trendform
1 pc. 6,90 EUR ea.
incl. VAT plus shipping

6,90 EUR

incl. VAT plus shipping

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With the self-adhesive magnetic dots 'Element Flex Dot', you can create a surface for magnets in a few simple steps. Use them together with colourful decorative magnets, cute fridge magnets or other neodymium magnets to attach postcards, photos, shopping lists or other types of paper. Due to their small size, these magnetic dots remain almost invisible. We carry the magnetic dots self-adhesive in white, black and multi-colour.

Our tip: By attaching the magnetic dots grouped together, you can create a minimalistic magnetic wall. And if you don’t want to hang anything up once in a while, the magnetic dots look just as decorative on their own.

Magnetic dots can be removed from smooth surfaces or furniture without leaving any residue. On wallpaper, plastered walls and other delicate surfaces, adhesive residues may remain. So always be careful when removing magnetic dots. And please keep in mind: Whether magnetic dots will leave any glue residue when they are removed depends on the application surface and how long the magnetic dot stayed on said surface.

Please note

The magnetic dots 'Element Flex Dot' are not magnets. The dots are stamped into metal and serve as a flexible surface to which you can attach magnets.

Technical data

Article ID LIV-167
Diameter 20 mm
Thickness 0,8 mm
Material Flexible metal tape
Design Self-adhesive (film)
Weight 63 g

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