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L-hooks M8

steel, nickel-coated, thread M8

Item number LHK-8
Unit of Sale 5 pieces
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These L-hooks with thread have a diameter of 7 mm and can be screwed into any product with an M8 thread. They are the perfect accessory for our pot magnets and magnet systems. Simply create new hanging options wherever you may need them.

The square hooks are suitable for hanging framed pictures and other lightweight decorations on a wall or as hooks for your towels, tea towels and clothing.

Please note: If you would like to hang decorations from the ceiling, use our screw hooks.

Please note

Due to their shape, L-hooks are only suitable as wall hooks and not as a hanging solution on the ceiling (in the tension direction). Therefore, when you select your magnets, please pay attention to the displacement force specifications. You can find detailed information on our FAQ page Adhesive Force vs Displacement Force.

Technical data

Article ID LHK-8
EAN 7640172693186
Length 27 mm
Length thread h 9 mm
Bearing area b 10 mm
Thread M 8
Tolerance +/- 0,5 mm
Coating Nickel (Ni)
Steel Q235 (China)
Weight 10 g

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