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Ferrous sheet self-adhesive ferromagnetic

surface for magnets, black-brown, 1 x 5 m roll

Item number FS-100500-STIC
Unit of Sale 1 piece
1 pc. 116,63 EUR ea.
incl. VAT plus shipping

116,63 EUR

incl. VAT plus shipping

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Available: 141 pieces

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With this self-adhesive ferrous sheet, you can instantly create a surface for magnets on non-magnetic surfaces. The black-brown ferromagnetic iron sheet with a self-adhesive back is 1 metre wide and 5 metres long. Simply cut the ferrous sheet to size, peel off the protective film on the back and attach the iron sheet to a smooth, non-absorbent surface. You can find more information on our FAQ page about self-adhesive products.

It is ideal for hanging reminders, notes, etc. with magnets. We have listed many suitable magnets and magnetic symbols for you under our 'recommended accessories' below. However, we do not recommend writing on this sheet with chalk pens since it may leave unsightly stains when cleaned.

Ferrous sheet is perfect for use in the office or at school, for exhibition stand construction and shopfitting. We also carry a similar whiteboard sheet: Whiteboard sheet self-adhesive ferromagnetic

Please note

The intended application site for the self-adhesive ferrous sheet must be smooth, dry, free of dust and grease. The sheet’s adhesive is not sufficient to adhere well to absorbent surfaces such as plastered or unplastered concrete walls, for example.

Technical data

Article ID FS-100500-STIC
EAN 7640172692578
Colour Black brown
Size 1 x 5 m
Thickness 0,5 mm
Shelf life adhesive 6 months (approx.)
Design Self-adhesive (film)
Weight 8,2 kg

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