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Magnetic hooks 'Wood', max. load on the wall 300 g

Ø 25 mm, set of 2, in different colours

Item number LIV-162
Displacement force approx. 300 g
Unit of Sale 1 set
Brand: Trendform
1 set 9,90 EUR/set
incl. VAT plus shipping

9,90 EUR

incl. VAT plus shipping

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These magnetic hooks with an elegant wooden element add a beautiful touch to your home. Attach the magnetic hooks to ferromagnetic surfaces such as metal strips, magnetic boards, refrigerators, steel cabinets or to self-adhering surfaces for magnets. The non-slip silicone surface allows you to put a lot of weight on the hooks without them slipping off. This makes these magnetic hooks perfect for hanging towels in your bathroom or dish towels and cooking utensils in your kitchen. Please note that the hooks on these magnetic hooks are smaller than those on the magnetic hooks 'Porta' in silver-blue, the magnetic hooks 'Porta' in stainless steel or the magnetic hooks 'Black Mamba'.

The magnetic hooks 'Wood Hook' are made of real beechwood and walnut wood. In addition, the magnetic hooks 'Timber Wood' in turquoise and coral will add a splash of colour to the room. When paired with each other, these hooks will come into their own more than ever!

Technical data

Article ID LIV-162
Material NdFeB
Displacement force approx. 300 g (approx. 2,94 N )
Diameter 25 mm
Height 10 mm
Length 43 mm
Quantity per set 2 pieces
Design With design hook
Weight 11 g/set

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