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Ideas for Mother’s Day

We are more than happy to provide you with inspiration for the day that celebrates the devotion and love of mothers. Discover magnetic or homemade gift ideas and sweet gestures of appreciation for Mother’s Day. The craft ideas are also great for fathers who want to create a Mother’s Day surprise together with their children. Celebrate Mother’s Day in an unforgettable way to say a special thank you to your mum.

Decorative gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Small decorative magnets or useful products such as Tütenhüter chip clips are only a few ideas for Mother’s Day. Fridge magnets will easily hold photos, shopping lists or postcards on your refrigerator or beautify your office. Let yourself be inspired by our small but refined selection.

DIY Mother’s Day gifts

Discover ideas for Mother’s Day, such as these homemade gifts crafted with just a few materials. Homemade gifts are always well received. Make these Mother’s Day gift ideas together with your children and spend quality time together.

Homemade flower magnets

Use colourful paper and magnets to make these homemade flower magnets yourself. This craft idea is perfect for mothers who love flowers. What’s more, these decorative magnets last much longer than a flower bouquet and won’t fade.

Homemade bracelet

Choose colourful beads to fashion your own homemade bracelet. With beads, a magnetic clasp and string or an elastic band, you can create the perfect gift. You can even make matching designs.

DIY thank-you cards

Write a thank-you card for your mother and design it to match your taste. It only takes a few steps to realise your Mother’s Day ideas.

Homemade photo magnets

Capture your most cherished shared memories with these photo magnets. The photo magnets are quick to make and look just as good. All you need to do is cut out your favourite photos, stick them onto magnetic adhesive tape and, with that, your homemade magnets are complete.

Homemade bookmark

Does your mum like to read? Then this homemade bookmark is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for you. Choose your own design for these magnetic bookmarks. They not only look good but will also come in handy.

Magnetic picture frame to capture treasured moments

With these magnetic picture frames, you can quickly frame and display photos. The tasteful frames perfectly accentuate your family photos or shared memories and adorn your home. At the same time, the images are well preserved. Decorate the photo frames together with your children to give them a personal touch.

Photo ropes for shared memories

These photo ropes are ideal for displaying all your wonderful memories or hanging your homemade photo magnets. You have a choice of different sizes and different magnets. Select additional magnets to go with the photo ropes; (almost) all of our fridge magnets are suitable for it. You are sure to find the perfect set for your mum. To find even more Mother’s Day ideas, please feel free to browse through our assortment.