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Metal strip 'Mikado' white 80 cm

surface for magnets, with magnetic mounting, incl. 10 strong magnets

Item number MB-04
Unit of Sale 1 piece
Brand: Trendform
1 pc. 33,62 EUR ea.
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33,62 EUR

incl. VAT plus shipping

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This simple white metal strip made of sheet steel can be mounted on a wall with two larger magnets. Afterwards, you can attach photos, shopping lists, etc. using the enclosed 10 small magnets. Please note: The metal strip itself is not magnetic, but it provides a metallic surface to which magnets adhere well. Thanks to the magnet mounting, the white strip can be hung vertically as well as horizontally. Simply screw the pot magnets to the wall and attach the metal strip, done!

Included in the delivery:
1 metal strip white, 2 screws, 2 wall plugs, 2 pot magnets (diameter 16 mm), 10 strong neodymium magnets.

Technical data

Article ID MB-04
EAN 7640111235019
Colour White
Made in Switzerland
Length 80 cm
Width 3,3 cm
Metal thickness 1 mm
Thickness total 4,5 mm
Magnets included 10 disc magnets 6 x 3 mm, 2 pot magnets CSN-16
Weight 270 g
The backside of the carefully crafted ledge.
The 1 mm thick steel sheet with stove enamelling is bent backwards at the edges.
The ledge has therefore a total thickness of 4,5 mm.
The strip is hung with two countersunk pot magnets type CSN-16 with a 16 mm diameter.
This mounting method has three big advantages:
1. The often cumbersome exact placement of drilling holes is not necessary. The magnets adhere anywhere on the back of the strip, so the holes only have to approximate.
2. It doesn't matter if the two holes are not exactly horizontal! You can still align the strip precisely horizontally. Of course, you can also arrange the strip vertically or diagonally.
3. The mounting is not visible and the strip seems to float 1 mm off the wall. Looks good!
10 small super magnets, namely disc magnets Ø 6 mm, type S-06-03-N, are also included in the shipment. The discs are more than strong enough to hold postcards, photos and notes.

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