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Iron filings

to make magnetic field lines visible, approx. 100 g in a plastic container

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Iron filings are perfect for physics lessons at school or for experiments at home because you can use them to visualise magnetic fields. The results are truly fascinating, as our pictures show. The fine iron filings are also known as iron powder.

Prior to use, we recommend that you place the magnet under a pane of glass or, at the very least, under a piece of paper. After that, sprinkle the filings on top and marvel at the now visible magnetic field lines. After use, you can easily remove the filings from the magnet and put them back into the container. You will receive approx. 100 g of iron filings in a resealable plastic jar.

Caution: Do not touch your eyes if you have filings on your fingers or hands.

Technical data

Article ID M-22
EAN 7640155433433
Weight 100 g


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