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Magnetic products for hobby and DIY

Our online shop offers many different magnetic products perfect for your hobbies and DIY project needs. Use magnetic closures to enhance your homemade bags. Improve furniture functionality with magnetic fittings. Paint your walls with magnetic paint or repair all kinds of items with Sugru repair putty. There are many uses for the products listed below – whether you want to do handicrafts, repair, or play. You can find ample inspiration for your next DIY projects in our customer projects. We look forward to hearing about your creative uses of our products!
Magnetic closures for jewellery, bags, shoes and furniture
Magnetic clasps
For jewellery and bags
Sew-in magnets neodymium
Sew-in magnets neodymium
Ideal for clothing and fabrics
Sugru: Clever adhesive putty
Multi-functional repair putty
Magnetic paint for creative & magnetic wall decoration
Magnetic paint
For versatile wall design
Smart putty: Fun & play with magnetic putty & Co.
Smart Putty
In countless varieties
Magnetic toys for children
Magnetic toys
Lots of fun and play with magnets
Furniture magnets made of neodymium
Furniture magnets
For carpenters and DIY enthusiasts
Workshop accessories
Workshop accessories
Clever magnetic products for the workshop
Magnets for camping and boating – useful accessories for camper vans, motor homes, boats & other vehicles
Magnets for camping and boating
Magnetic glasses, magnetic hooks, metal strips etc.
(Magnetic) car accessories
Car accessories
Fan fins, shade cloths and more
Fishing magnets and accessories for successful magnet fishing
Retrieval magnets & accessories
Everything for successful magnet fishing

Inspiration for creative DIY projects with magnets

If you are looking for inspiration for your next project, take a look at our customer projects. There, you will find hundreds of projects with magnets. And since our supermagnete staff members likewise love to fiddle with magnets in their spare time, we also collected a few DIY ideas from our employees. Have fun exploring!

Popular magnetic products for hobby and DIY