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Shelf labelling

Black magnetic plates with white lettering as flexible orientation guide
Author: Creative Agency – Cédric Facchin, Pfäffikon SZ
Online since: 01/06/2017, Number of visits: 271847

Flexible shelf labelling in the bookstore

We were asked to design a labelling system for the different sections in a bookstore. Since the book categories change often, a static lettering didn't make much sense, so we decided on a more flexible labelling system. The bookstore used metal brackets to which we attached small black metal plates with the category names. Black magnetic foil (or black magnetic tape) worked great for this purpose.

Creating the labels

We ordered your black magnetic sheet.
We cut it by hand into 1,9 x 12 cm plates. (Alternative: Just cut black magnetic tape 20 mm to the desired length.) Then we plotted the category names with our cutting plotter onto vinyl foil and glued them on the plates.
The customer was very satisfied with the flexible labelling.
Note from the supermagnete team:
1) We carry ready-to-go magnetic labels with blank sheets, which are also suitable for flexible labelling.
2) We also offer magnetic bookends (for metal shelves).

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