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Tool for plasterer

A very helpful tool for people who work with screws
Author: A. Gaigher, Etoile sur Rhône, France
Online since: 19/10/2011, Number of visits: 355617
I am a drywall builder (in charge of plasterboard and plaster). This is my newest tool: A piece of wood that has a countersunk pot magnet on the top and the bottom - a large CSN-48 and a smaller CSN-16.
Thanks to the strength of CSN-48, this tool clings to a steel beam in the ceiling - even though it is separated by a 13 mm thick plasterboard (BA130).
I just dip the CSN-16 into a box with screws and many of them cling to the magnet.
Both applications are commonly known and not all that innovative. But wait, it gets better...
Once the plasterboard it mounted over the steel beam, it is practically impossible to find the metal again and put screws into it. That's where my tool comes in handy! The CSN-48 finds the metal easily and you can just let it hang there upside down. The CSN-16 holds a nice stockpile of screws within reach that you can use to screw the plasterboard onto the steel beam.
That saves a lot of time and the painter doesn't have to paint over marks on the plasterboard.
Thanks a lot, supermagnete!

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