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Questions and answers about packaging

Table of Contents

Why is the package significantly larger than the content?

So that the package with your magnets doesn’t get stuck in sorting systems, delivery vehicles or letterboxes, not to mention damages to items such as credit cards, hard drives or mechanical watches or clocks in other mail items. For more information please refer to the FAQs "safe distances" and "postal shipping".
We ship our magnets in relatively large boxes to sufficiently minimise the magnetic field emanating from the package. This way we can ensure, that the package is no longer magnetic on the outside. This is also why we cannot ship via letter post.

Why do you use cardboard as packing material?

For environmental reasons, we recycle the packaging from our suppliers. By shredding it, we ensure that we don’t have to purchase additional packaging materials. For small shipments it continues to be necessary to use bubble wrap as packing material because the shredded cardboard would be too big.
Packing material inside the packages is simply a necessity to adequately reduce the magnetic field. This way, we can ensure that the packages are non-magnetic.

Why are certain magnets packaged in plastic bags?

Because we deliver small quantities to non-business customers, small magnets are often packaged in plastic bags or similar. These plastic bags are made of polyethylene (PE) and are therefore perfect for reuse or recycling. We are aware that some customers do not like the individual packaging. Unfortunately, at this point in time, we are unable to change or eliminate this type of packaging. However, we are currently searching for alternative packaging options.

Why does the package contain additional magnets and gummy bears?

Those free add-ons are our way of saying thank you for your order. The gummy bears are produced for us in Switzerland and packaged in supermagnete foil. And because we enjoy our magnets so much, we always add a few of them to each order free of charge.
If you no longer wish to receive these free add-ons with your orders, please let our customer service department know via e-mail, contact form or phone call.